There are really no limitations to the mind accept the ones you acknowledge. “John Mason”

I remember starting from age 16, I thought highly of myself and believed that there was more to my life, than just living the status quo, that mindset made me to start wanting more out of my own live. even though my environment and family background were in complete opposite of these big dreams that kept popping up in my head, for me the game changer was my early exposure to reading books and the Bible, i remember stumbling into a book by “Less Brown” titled: Leave your Dreams” and  it instantly became one of the basic building blocks that revotionalized my way of thinking and set me on a completely different level of reasoning,

In his book “Author Less Brown”, shared a very inspiring story of how him and his twin brother were born and abandoned in an uncompleted building, in Maimi Florida and how he was able to navigate through that rough phase of growing up without his original parents and still manage to become all that he is today,

his life story is one of those proofs that we are superior to our life circumstances

hence, those lessons created some of the major changes in my own life that helped shape my own approach and perspective of life.

“You see, i tell people if you really want to change someone’s life, start by changing the way they think”

One of the key lessons i picked up from that book was everybody don’t really need to like you or support your ideas and thought patterns,

in other words, your goals, ambitions and dreams are very valid irrespective of whatever anyone thinks or says about you

A lot of people are so consumed by what others think or say about them, or what i may call the what if factor,

what if no one likes me, what if no one acknowledges my effort, what if i fail, but come to think of it, does it really matter what anyone thinks of you? Does it even make any difference what they say? People are always going to say something whether you do something or do nothing

So, you might as well do what makes you happy, You have to get of that limiting mindset so you can start living your authentic life.

i grew up in a family where no one has gone past a high school education, and  for so many years and generations, that was a limit that was perceived as insurmountable or impossible,

while financial hardship was a major contribution to this challenge a more bigger limitation however,  was a mindset of  unworthiness, not good enough,  not smart enough, and all the self impose limitations that tend to stop us from living out our true potential.

Hence, realizing the fact that my parents where poor because they lacked the required academic skills and training to find a gainful employment and coupled with a transformed mindset helped me push past that limit, though it was not an easy fit initially but i became the first person in my family to aquire a college degree and that set a chain reaction to everyone else in the family,

today, we have over 15 young university graduates in my family. Who are all doing amazingly well in their various fields of endeavor .

Now the big question is what changed?  Well, the change happened when the mind saw a proof that it is  possible, once one person does it a new belief of possibility is birthed, remember the old Bible quote, “all things are possible to him that beliveth

you see, transformation does not happen until your mind is transformed . In other words, if you can see beyond your limitations, you can leave beyond your limitations.

for someone, it may be a limit at your  job, a limit in pushing pass your fears, developing a better habit or even a limit in making better grade in your academic pursuit, it makes no deference what your own unique life experiences may be, the key here, is to understand that you are way more smarter, stronger and more capable than what you are currently expressing right now, Infact if you do all you are capable of doing, you will literally amaze your own self.

It all starts in your mind!

For more resources about living a life with no limits, follow the link below to grab a copy of my book titled: Living beyond your limitations every day.

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