is pertinent to understand that nothing last forever. Around last year January up until the beginning of this year the whole world was on a stand still, due to the deadly corona virus disease, there were questions on how long is going to take to overcome this sudden change in the way we leave and interact.

Medical experts and even the world health organization where overwhelmed with the pace at which the disease was spreading around the world. The hospitals were all filled up, there were shortage of ventilators and most medical equipments to cater for all the patients.

a sudden rise of fear and panic attacks engulfed most parts of the world

At this point, a lot of people thought this deadly plague was never going to go away, a couple of them went into depression and even lost their lives due to the fear, of never having their normal live back again.

But It took a set of courageous healthcare officials who have been embedded with the spirit of hope, who kept up the fight and fought gallantly and today, there is sense of hope, peace and healing in the world again,

this dangerous disease is almost becoming a thing of the past. With the vaccines that are being rolled out. But here comes the biggest question

What if these healthcare professionals, gave up the fight and thought it was never going to go away, what if they gave up on the possibility of having a normal life again? What would have been the hope of humanity today?

but because they knew the concept of hope and an understanding that stuffs are temporary, they were able to lead us to signs of light we are seeing today.

Hence this whole story can be linked to you or any one who is going through some rough times in there lives, to always know that after the rain comes the sun. Stuffs are temporary, never give up “

“myles Monroe, was right when he said; the greatest tragedy of life is not death but the giftings and potentials that dies everyday as we leave “
In other words, the solutions to some of live most difficult problems are all hidden within our minds waiting on the day we are able to uncover them.

This whole experience goes to proof that the human mind is built to face and overcome any adversity that maybe thrown at it, if it persevere long enough,

Here is my biggest take away “don’t be to quick to make a permanent decision in a temporary situation

Let me know your thoughts on the comments session below, what is the biggest lessons you learnt from the whole lock down experience last year? And don’t forget to grab a copy of my new book, see links below

There are really no limit to the human mind accept the limits we create by ourselves

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