You have a unique assignment, to fulfill in the world,

in other words, there is something about you, that sets you apart from your colleagues, friends and even siblings, is not a limitation is actually your power place and that’s why you don’t have to compare yourself with anyone else.

the other day, I had took my 5 year old son to the park near my house to play with some other kids, and as he began playing, he got so attached to one particular kid among them, and when It was about time for us to leave, I called his attention and said Brandon, is about time for us to leave, so I will give you 10 more minutes to play with your friends okay,

So, he immediately ran to one his friend, which he seems to prefer among the other ones, and said to her, my daddy said we will be leaving in 10 minutes but I am worried I may not be able to recognize you next time I see you, to my greatest surprise the little 5 year old responded, no you will recognize me because I will be putting on the same shoes I have on now, but my son insisted, I will still not be able to recognize you even if you put on the same shoe,

the little 5 year old gave a second response that completely changed my whole perspective about how we humans are wired by the original creator God.

She said, you will still be able to recognize me because of my face, nobody looks like me. And I was like wow! who could have made this little 5 year old think this way?

where in the world did she learned this perspective from? what if everyone us can think and view live from this view point. Won’t that be a game changer? In the way we relate to each other?

I mean a realization that no one in the world looks exactly like you, that you are unique and that you will be recognized no matter the number of people around you.

Won’t this knowledge change the way we approach our lives and ultimately put an end to comparison and the quest to fit in or be liked by a certain group of people? Yes or no?

Here is my point, is therefor pertinent for you to realize that Your ideas, wisdom, creativity and personality where all crafted by God to enable you fulfill your assignment.

This includes, your passions, interests, urges, looks, and every detail of your personal reality. There is therefore, no place for comparison with others. You are unique! You are special!

I hope this reality rings like a bell in your heart that awakens your greatness and helps you take your place in the world.

You are something new to the world, never before, since the beginning of time, has there ever been anybody exactly like you, and never again throughout all the ages to come, will there ever be anybody exactly like you again. Stand out from the crowd!

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