America Tonight with Kate Delaney Radio Interview, Kennedy Odimba: Living Beyond Limitations Everyday

Kennedy K, Odimba, is the author of personal transformation guide book Living Beyond Limitations Everyday (Fulton Books; 2020), 

was featured on the latest episode of America Tonight’s “Author’s Corner,” where he was interviewed by Kate Delaney.

In his own words, Kennedy Narrated “This book tells the author’s experience and some crucial transformational moments in his life. It also shares the struggles, setbacks, and some very important lessons that he learned along the way. It teaches the reader the twelve profound practical steps to living beyond any limitations that life may throw their way.

Kennedy emphasized that, the principles taught in this book will rejuvenate the mind of the readers, which will in turn cause them to recognize every greatness, power, skills and potential that lie dormant within them. 

These lessons according to Kennedy are sets of universal principles that, when thoroughly understood and applied, will allow the readers to maximize every potential and ideas that has been bestowed upon them. 

He further stated that “There is really no limit to what we can accomplish as human beings except the preconceived limitation we created by our own imaginations,”

Getting to know Kennedy and how he came to be the man with success

Kennedy triumphed against adversity and hardship to achieve his dream. His ambition was to become a lawyer, but due to financial constraints, he had to wait a long time to achieve it. Getting into college and getting a degree in law was no easy feat. “At first, I took an entrance exam and passed. But because I don’t have enough money to pay my tuition I lost the admission, I had to retake the exams,” Kennedy said.

Then, unexpectedly, his father was deported from Germany, thus leaving him and his siblings, four boys, and one girl, with only a friend to help them get by in their daily lives.

 It was a tough journey for Kennedy. He thought, “At that point, it was one of the lowest moments of our lives. We couldn’t see beyond that phase. We thought that was just going to be it for us. We couldn’t even find food to eat. For me, that was a big struggle.” 

But he didn’t give up, and that is one of the most important lessons he learned from the experience. He had learned that “you have to always enlarge your vision beyond your fears” to achieve that goal. To get the life that he wanted or the dream he wanted, he had to think big. “I wanted to go back to school, I wanted to travel the world, and wanted to be that change,” Kennedy exclaimed. 

“Looking at the brow line, in my family, they wouldn’t go past that phase. It was like a limit that had been set, saying ‘I couldn’t do it,’” he added. 

Luckily for Kennedy, he had an uncle who was living in a different city who supported him in his studies. His uncle was so proud of him that he got accepted into school, and that Kennedy had achieved something in the family that nobody has ever achieved. He paid for his tuition and everything, and eventually his dream became reality.

What can the readers learn from “Living Beyond Limitations Everyday”?

“One of the lessons you can pick up from my book is the power of lessons,” Kennedy told Kate in the interview. In his own words he stated. “We are not changed by what we go through, but we are actually changed by the lessons we pick up along the way as we advance in life” In fact, it was what inspired him to write this book in the first place. His experience, his struggle, and his journey to achieving his dream.

Kennedy further emphasized “ if you have a dream, don’t be too concerned about how it will happen, how will I do it, what if it doesn’t work out, what if people don’t support me…,” he said. “Take the first step of faith, and the rest will follow. Make that dream become a reality.”

What advice do you have for people who want to be successful?

“If you really want something and you want it badly, the difference between whether you get it or not. Is how determined you are. So there are really no limits to what we can accomplish except for the limits we created by our own imagination ,” Kennedy said. 

So, if you want to challenge yourself and go beyond your limitations, you can get this life changing Book at Amazon.

Kennedy k odimba ,was featured on the latest episode of America Tonight’s “Author’s Corner,” where he was interviewed by Kate Delaney.

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