A writer told a story of a certain young athlete, whose shoe’s accidentally pulled off from his feet in a middle of a very competitive race,

hower, this young athlete did not let that little delay or what you may refer as a set back, deter his commitment to continue with the race
but he hurriedly went back, picked up his shoes, wears it back to his feets and continued with the race.

Keep in mind the time did not stop running because of what has happened to him.

But surprisingly he pulled one of the most fascinating record in the history of track and field, when he ran back and beat every one else who have gone far ahead of him in the race and still ended up the winner of the race in normal time.

He refused to let the time lost, delays and noise from the crowd stop him from running to the finish line and ultimately winning the medal.

Hence, this story can be linked to your own personal pursuit of your life goals and purpose. You are going to face times when things will not go exactly the way you planned it. Just remember that a bend in the road, is not a reason to stop your journey, is just a time to reorganize, brainstorm and discover even better and smoother route to your destination.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas Edison

Never give up! You are stronger than your circumstances!

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